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Black Girl In The Art World

As a kid growing up in Baltimore City I was surrounded by art, culture, music, dance, and an amazing life in the city full of discovering who I was as a young artist. I spent most weekends in art class at MICA or exploring the galleries at the Walters Art Museum. Art seemed to speak to me in ways that allowed me to be expressive and creative. Even when I was the only black kid in art class I never felt marginalized or less than. I never thought for a moment that as a black girl I wasn't just as talented or creative as my white peers. I always had a voice. I always presented my work from my perspective. I was a young black girl navigating in the art world. I loved every moment! From my early art shows to museum visits to Washington D.C., I was completely immersed in a world that accepted me for exactly who I was, young, black and talented. Today, that same feeling stirs within my soul allowing me to do work that is meaningful and very dear to me. I've been fortunate to work and visit some of the world's most amazing art museums and galleries. Creative spaces in New York City, L.A., Miami, New Orleans, Paris, Rome, and the Middle East have taken my breath away by the captivating beauty of the paintings, sculptures, textiles, photography, and mixed media works that occupy the space. In those moments, I feel moved by the sheer creativity and craftsmanship of the artists from decades and centuries ago. In our current social and political climate, more than ever before, we need to be surrounded by beauty and creativity, by love and compassion, by moments in which we can unite and make a difference in the world. The art world demonstrates exactly how artists think creatively and produce works of art that are timeless and speak to the nature of humanity. Just as the art world has given me a voice I hope that today's generation and generations to come will use visual arts, music, dance, performance, spoken word, and creative writing to continue to speak out against injustice and speak up for the love of all mankind.

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Stacey R. Queen
Stacey R. Queen
02 de jul. de 2020

@rsmith Thank you for your support! xoxo


01 de jul. de 2020

Stacey, you are such and amazing and talented artist! God bless you and keep you safe!

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