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Re-Imagining the World Through Art and Culture with Mozaik Philanthropy

When artists, filmmakers, and art writers join forces and are supported by organizations that support their work, extraordinary things happen. In 2021, Mozaik Philanthropy launched the first edition of their e-zine, online

magazine, featuring the contributions of inaugural awardees of The Future Arts Writers Award. This year's theme, Re-Imagining Democracy, challenged artists and art writers to consider America's social, political, and cultural landscape and explore modes of creativity that convey their interpretation of the arduous and complicated system of government in our nation.

As one of the six awardees, I am beyond honored to share my writing on the pages with five other phenomenal, thoughtful, and creative writers. We all poured into the theme with great honesty, depth, the desire for radical change, lived experience, and even the pain of the injustices we witness all too frequently in our current democracy. Collectively, we can all re-imagine a system that works towards the greater good of all people and creates a society full of hope and opportunities for generations to come without political machines churning out divisive rhetoric, poor policies, and leaders who fail their constituents. So grab your cup of coffee or tea, click here and enjoy reading the first edition of Mozaik's E-zine.

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