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The Creativity of Women Artists

Women are amazing beings. Women artists are phenomenal, creative, empowered, and making significant gains in the art world. There are countless women artists who have had unparalleled impacts on the art world. Dating back to 15th-century Italian artist Artimesia Gentellischi to contemporary artist Marina Abrocovich, women artists have been around for centuries, receiving minimal recognition. Women artists of color have received even less shine in the limelight. Let's be very clear, before the first people of color arrived on the shores of our nation they were a creative, egrarian, workforce. The Fulani women of West Africa wear beautiful hairstlyes and elaborate hand-made jewelry. Yourba women. Women from the motherland are true creatives.

Contemporary artists carry on the legacy of self-expression and pride in the power of women.

Support women artists by visiting museums and galleries and if you are able to consider investing in collecting their work.

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